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The Catholic Women's League of Canada is a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the People of God.

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Hamilton Diocesan CWL

... a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the People of God.

August 2018

Dear Sisters in the League,

As I sit here on this sunny, humid afternoon and read through my Catholic Women’s League journal in which I record each day the many phone calls, emails, visits to councils etc. one can see how quickly time passes when involved in such a wonderfully vibrant organization as ours.

The Mission Statement of the Catholic Women’s League should serve as a starting point for each member to better understand and appreciate what the League stands for.

A national organization rooted in Gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God.

Is this a clear description of your council? Does this statement draw the women of your parish closer together in a genuine desire to become stronger, faith-filled women? Is it helping you grow in faith? Do you find that your meetings are social with little done to foster growth in your faith? What do you and your council do to foster growth and harmony amongst the members of your parish?

I hope each council thinks carefully about what they hope to achieve in the coming year and how to best serve their members. It is so easy to just continue doing what we have always done, without thinking of new ideas that may better assist our membership.

“Sometimes to our surprise what we say or do may be hurtful to others. It is important that we become sensitive to the reactions of others as to what we do and what we say. Are we seeing the face of Jesus in our sister members? Are we seeing our sisters with the eyes of Jesus? Is there a need for reconciliation- forgiving your sister and asking for forgiveness for yourself?”

More can be found in the short workshop “On Being Kinder to each Other” on the National website. under Programs and Workshops—Organization.

Our focus on the Homeless continues for another year. I am overwhelmed and amazed by all the innovative ways you have addressed Homelessness here in Hamilton Diocese. The collection of pounds of food and clothing, the offering of coffee cards and hosting guest speakers are only a few of the many ways you have made a difference in someone’s life. You are so willing to give of yourself to those who have so little.

Thank you for your patience as the National office staff work to get the membership system fully operational—hopefully for 2019.

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada will be turning 100 years old in 2020! Stay tuned for updates on exciting events and initiatives for you and your council.

I have recently retuned from the Ontario Provincial Convention held in Toronto and it was amazing! The liturgical services, speakers, reports and the friendships renewed and newly made were wonderful. In a few short days I will be flying off to Winnipeg to the national convention, the last of three conventions this year. Thank you for allowing me to be your representative at these conventions. My wish is that more of you could attend and see all that is being done by our sisters across the country. God’s many blessings are present at the gathering of all these women.

Future conventions that you may wish to mark on your calendars:

Diocesan Convention:
May 24-26, 2019 — Delta, Guelph,
May 29-31, 2020 — Crowne Plaza, Kitchener (our 100th anniversary)

Ontario Provincial Convention:
July 6–10, 2019 — Kingston
July 4–8, 2020 — Crowne Plaza, Kitchener (Yes, we, Hamilton Diocese, are hosting)

National Convention:
August 18–21, 2019 — Calgary, Alberta
August 9–12, 2020 — Montreal, Quebec
August 8–11, 2021 — Toronto, Ontario

On September 16, I hope you will be able to join us at Immaculate Conception, Formosa for our 17th Annual Vocations Mass. This is an opportunity to come together and celebrate all vocations and to learn more about the priesthood, several Religious Orders, the Serra Club, the Knights of Columbus and of course the Catholic Women’s League.

I look forward to meeting many of you either for the first time or to renewing our friendships over the next year. Your councils have been so welcoming on my many visits.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel continue to bless us and guide us as we, Hamilton Diocese go forward and spread love, peace and hope to everyone as members responding to God’s Call.

Joan Schurter
Hamilton Diocesan President

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